The FIRST® Zone Charlotte

The FIRST® Zone – Charlotte – Conceived and created by the three teams forming the Queen City Robotics Alliance:  Bots of War #4290, T-Rex #4935, and YETI # 3506.  The Zone is a permanent home for two local FRC teams (3506 & 4290) as well as FTC 8769.  The space is made possible by generous donations support from several local corporations.  This facility is in the third year of operations and proving a success for the teams involved.  The Zone concept of dedicated space for FIRST teams has inspired several other facilities for FIRST communities across North Carolina. The Zone is approximately 5,000 sq ft. containing a workshop, team storage, competition fields for FRC and FTC, and space for teams to meet and work.

Address: 900 Pressley Road, Charlotte, NC 28217

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