Mission & Vision

Queen City Robotics Alliance

Mission Statement –Queen City Robotics Alliance exists to promote STEM experiences for young people. QCRA will execute, support, train, develop FIRST teams, events, and educators helping more K-12 students engage in hands on STEM and IT experiences and provides training in 21st Century skills.

Vision – To create a kid friendly space for a community based STEM Center for youth of the community where young people in the community can learn through robotics, engineering, computer science and other hands on making activities. Over time, the goal is to host a FIRST Robotics Hub with official fields and shared work space for FIRST Robotics teams to use; a Jr Makerspace or FabLab type space with tools and machines for use by young people at appropriate states, i.e. hand tools for those under 13 and machines for those 13 and up; and facilities for STEM classes with an emphasis but not limited to engineering and making: robotics, mechanical engineering, electronics, simple machines, CAD, JAVA, C++, Robot C, Adobe Illustrator, drawing, circuit making, circuit projects, etc. We envision the availability of these programs and resources leading to the improvement of our region’s long term economic viability by increasing the number of young people in our region pursuing STEM careers and higher education.